A sustainable Europe

that protects our planet.

Europe must be a leader in fighting for the environment and tackling climate change, particularly as some of our international partners are falling behind. Europe must protect biodiversity on our continent and globally and stop pollution. Our vision combines the protection of our planet with the interest of all our citizens; clean air, clean water, clean energy and quality food must be accessible to all. The EU must adopt a Sustainable Development Pact with social and ecological targets to ensure that economic interests do not trump the environment. A Just Transition Fund will help to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda and Goals by 2030 in a socially fair way. We will raise the EU’s climate ambition in line with the Paris Agreement and the latest science on climate change. Protecting the environment requires the renewal of European industry to make us a leader in renewable energies and become climate-neutral by 2050, at the latest. CO2 emissions should be taxed EU-wide in a socially fair way, making polluters pay and supporting investment in affordable clean energy. By improving mobility and air quality and providing affordable and energy-efficient housing we can improve citizens’ quality of life. To deliver this, we will promote a Plan for Affordable Housing and Clean Public Transport in Europe. We will fight energy and water poverty, and guarantee accessible, healthy and good quality food, safe products and an end to damaging exposure to toxic chemicals. A reform of the EU's agricultural policy should help meet new societal demands, including sustainable production methods, better nutrition, reduced food waste, better animal welfare, climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity.

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Our vision combines the protection of our planet with the interest of all our citizens.