A Europe of equality

and fairness.

Inequality must be dramatically reduced and the concentration of wealth and property in the hands of a privileged few must stop. A Europe of welfare with strong welfare states, social safety nets, and quality public services is crucial to preventing poverty and protecting those in need, including youth, elderly people, vulnerable workers and the unemployed. We have a duty to protect people if they fall sick, lose their job, suffer disabilities or fall on hard times. The right to quality healthcare, education and decent pensions is universal and must be defended. People of all ages have a right to work and to live in dignity. Unemployment and social exclusion must be tackled collectively, not dismissed as individual failings. The principle of equal pay for equal work at the same place must be respected. All workers must have the same rights: no job without a contract, no job without a fair salary, and a ban on zero-hours contracts and fake self-employment. We will fight for decent minimum wages across Europe. In-work poverty is morally and economically unjustifiable. We want a European complementary unemployment insurance mechanism, to support Member States in the event of a strong increase in unemployment. Effective social dialogue and trade union membership are the best way to guarantee the protection of working people and increased wages. We want a strong European Labour Authority empowered to combat social dumping and ensure fair labour mobility throughout the EU. A Social Action Plan is needed to turn the EU Pillar of Social Rights into binding rules that strengthen welfare systems, respect labour market models and improve living standards.

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Work must ensure a dignified life.


A Europe of solidarity for the many,

not the few.

We will not bow to uncontrolled market forces and we will finally put an end to austerity policies. Europe must create economic opportunity for all, and ensure that prosperity is sustainable and shared fairly by all Europeans. We need a long-term Investment Plan to prepare our industries and workers so they benefit from the green transition, the digital revolution and the growth of artificial intelligence. Europe’s industrial strategy must channel investment into research and innovation, support training and life-long learning, and ensure that jobs are created and protected in the EU. The Eurozone also needs substantial reform and its own budget. European fiscal rules must be reviewed to make sure that they foster sustainable growth and employment. Social rights for citizens must take priority over economic freedoms for big corporations. We want tax justice and will continue to lead the fight against tax evasion, tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning. We will promote a common European approach to ensure a proper level of effective taxation and stop downward corporate tax competition. Every citizen and every company must make a fair contribution to society by respecting their tax obligations. Profits must be taxed where they are generated. We will strengthen the rules of the financial and banking sectors because citizens should not bear the cost of mistakes made by banks or see their deposits at risk. Europe needs a stronger budget to ensure cohesion and solidarity between citizens, regions and countries, improving living standards throughout Europe and reducing inequalities.

We must create economic opportunity for all.