A progressive Europe

with a youth plan.

Our societies will face the future with more optimism once our youth have better prospects and our elderly no longer fear insecurity in later life. Young Europeans must be empowered and given the skills to shape their future and become active citizens. The development of future generations must be built upon the principle of intergenerational solidarity. It is unacceptable that close to one in four children is at risk of poverty. Every child must have access to quality healthcare, childcare, education, housing and nutrition. We will implement a European Child Guarantee to make sure this becomes a reality. To reach our goals of full youth employment and reducing social exclusion, we will also extend the Youth Guarantee – which already helps millions of young Europeans to get a quality job, traineeship, or further education. Education is a right that must be accessible to all. We will continue to support and reinforce Erasmus+ and ensure that it can benefit people from all social backgrounds. Finally, we want European Culture Cheques to support young people’s access to culture.

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Young people must be empowered and given the skills to shape their future.